Case for Support | The Nature Conservancy of Washington

I had the opportunity to take on a challenge from the philanthropy department of The Nate Conservancy of Washington: Shoot a family enjoying nature that is diverse, energetic and relatable. Below are my favorite images from the day. I brought together family and friends to create a group that could represent what the department envisioning. I’m looking forward to more projects from TNC as the Lead Volunteer Photographer for a ground breaking program that is new to their volunteer structure. I know I know, its not paid, why would I share my photography without compensation? This company is doing big things, making a difference and I get to spend time and learn from the people who are part of it. I’m gaining a lot of experience from volunteering. It pays off, two out of the four non-profits I’ve been working with have begun to compensate me for my photography work in the past year. Spend time working for people and places you care about, it will ultimately lead to bigger better things. I’m proud of these group images, bringing people together who care about the environment to create imagery that will be used to educate and engage with new members of The Nature Conservancy.


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