Millennial Portraits, Seattle Washington

I had the pleasure of photographing four members of the millennial generation this past month. All of them are actively involved in their community in order to create change and awareness towards issues that impact younger generations of Seattle and beyond. These topics include housing, arts, education and community engagement & cultural growth. Thanks to Forterra NW for reaching out to me to capture these amazing people! (Pictured below from left to right; Hannah Brooks Olsen, DJ Martinez, Alex Hudson, Marcus Green)


Bow Hill Farm – Skagit Valley

Bow Hill Blueberry Farm in Bow, Washington grows amazing organic fruit and is an advocate for climate change. Owner Harley Soltes contributed to a project with the Nature Conservancy of Washington to bring awareness to the impact of climate change for local farmers. Videographer Michael Maine and I wondered multiple locations to document the dormant blueberry fields, details of the land and farm workers. This experience broadened my knowledge of what it takes to keep a farm productive year round and how working along side changing weather conditions will always be a part of agriculture, no matter what climate crisis we have in the future.

Lucy & Daniel’s Wedding | Fort Flagler, Marrowstone Island

On September 3rd  I was given the honor of photographing Lucy and Daniel’s serene outdoor wedding, with the Admiralty Bay, a historical venue and beautiful simplicity it was a grand wedding with a great group of people. I especially enjoyed the green, natural decor, Lucy’s wooden soled shoes and the homestyle feel the vintage buildings of Fort Flagler gave the celebration.


Ladies Night Paddle, Alki Beach, West Seattle

I’m thrilled with the popularity of a recent event created to promote attendance for woman to try stand up paddle boarding. It has been a blast to meet new people and help them experience puget sound from a paddle board. I’ve been working hard photographing and promoting the event on social media to get the word out there! Here is a overview of progress and some nice imagery. Creating original imagery, engaging with followers and consistent posting about the event has developed a loyal following and created new customers!

Alki Kayak Tours Social Media:

Case for Support | The Nature Conservancy of Washington

I had the opportunity to take on a challenge from the philanthropy department of The Nate Conservancy of Washington: Shoot a family enjoying nature that is diverse, energetic and relatable. Below are my favorite images from the day. I brought together family and friends to create a group that could represent what the department envisioning. I’m looking forward to more projects from TNC as the Lead Volunteer Photographer for a ground breaking program that is new to their volunteer structure. I know I know, its not paid, why would I share my photography without compensation? This company is doing big things, making a difference and I get to spend time and learn from the people who are part of it. I’m gaining a lot of experience from volunteering. It pays off, two out of the four non-profits I’ve been working with have begun to compensate me for my photography work in the past year. Spend time working for people and places you care about, it will ultimately lead to bigger better things. I’m proud of these group images, bringing people together who care about the environment to create imagery that will be used to educate and engage with new members of The Nature Conservancy.

Diana Oliphant at Urban Light Studios in Greenwood, Wa.

I had the pleasure of working with painter/model & lingerie enthusiast Diana Oliphant. We’ve attempted to work together in the past not only to shoot together but also because we attended the same high school and college with similar studies in media and sustainability. I had a blast shooting and Diana proved to be a creative and focused model. We both brought props and clothing and it turned out to be very fitting pre-holiday themed shoot. My favorite styling is with the gold ribbon and the vintage couch supplied by Urban Light Studios, is creates a soft tone that worked really well with Diana’s hair color and skin tone, plus she effortlessly matched the tone with subtle looks and angled posing. It is 100% worth checking out Diana’s Instagram and website, she works full time in the Seattle art scene and beyond.

Baywater Shellfish Company: Poulsbo, Washington

I traveled to Thorndyke Bay in Poulsbo Washington to document the daily duties of staff working for Baywater Shellfish Co a few months ago. This particular shoot was very inspiring! Everyone working on the beach that day was passionate and knowledgeable, I instantly started learning about the anatomy shellfish and how the staff sustainably maintain the land and beach. I was extremely impressed with the Baywater team’s ability to work in harmony with the environment, adjusting important details of work  in order to clean, harvest and manage their shellfish crop when the tide allowed them to and conditions were just right.  Thank you Nature Conservancy for helping bring awareness to these unique people and the great work they do to sustainably provide shellfish for the people of the Northwest!